Smiling Boys

Youth Program

Beginning Carpentry

We believe that the most basic way to help bring about positive change in any culture is to reach the children and youth.  Each week, we have a growing class of young people that learn basic carpentry skills with the opportunity to advance to an intermediate level.  Teaching a skilled trade at a young age not only provides a way to increase earning potential in the future, but our program also offers a positive gospel centered atmosphere, and strong Godly male role-models in these young lives on a regular basis.  These relationships build confidence and self-esteem and regularly point to Jesus as the One who knows and cares for each one of them and has a good plan for their future.   

adult and continuing education program

Instrument Building

Older students have the opportunity to hone their skills to a much higher level in our instrument building courses. These are ongoing workshops which teach stringed instrument repair and building, focusing on techniques that are easily reproduced in the students own workshops. We also collaborate with students in the National Univeristy (UNAH) to expand the knowledge base of instrument making using only local materials.  Many students are able to begin generating income through the skills learned in these workshops, even before completing their first instruments. 


Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

– anne isabella thackeray ritchie